Developmental Art Kits for Young Children
Whether you have one child, two children, or more, we know life with young children can be
downright hectic.  Between work, everyday chores, and still trying to cultivate your child's
growing abilities while spending quality time together, it is difficult to find a free moment to
Create Abilities For Kids is dedicated to helping you use your time for the important
things, the top priority being interaction and fun with your child.  

Create Abilities For Kids offers a unique solution to busy parents looking for ways to maximize
quality time with their young children.  Our art activity kits include everything you need.  You
won't need to shop around for anything!  We have also made cleanup easy too.  

Packaged Art Kits Delivered to Your Door

Our art kits contain all of the materials and instructions you need to create a "masterpiece"
with your little one.  And these all-inclusive kits will be delivered to your door.  This means you
save time in planning the project, getting the materials, and doing the prep work because
we've already done all of that for you.

Quality Time Bonding Over an Art Activity

Each project will allow you and your child time to spend together simply having fun.  Your child
won't have to wait while you prepare the materials.  All you have to do is open the kit and start
creating.  Everything you need for the project is in the package; from the step-by-step
instructions (with a finished product photo) to the brushes, paint, glue, and all other items

Create Abilities For Kids differs from art classes as it equally involves the parent acting as the
guide and mentor for the project, allowing you quality one-on-one time with your child.

Eliminate Cleanup and Art Supply Storage

Art projects with a young child can be a messy business!  But with the convenience of Create
Abilities For Kids
' packaged kits you can simply roll up the materials when you are finished,
toss them in the trash, and look forward to the next one.  No more washing paint brushes,
storing art supplies, and scouring the stores for specific materials.  Cleanup is so easy and
quick, you won't even need to think about it!

Each kit comes with the exact amount of each item needed for the particular project.  Even
paper to protect your table or floor is included.  Your child will have the joy of being creative, but
you won't have to store oodles of art supplies.  Just imagine how you might use that valuable
space that will be freed up

Shop Today, Create Tomorrow

Click here to shop through our variety of Art Activity Kits.  And remember to check back
frequently as we are always adding new projects.
PO Box 323, Windham, NH 03087
"The Art Activity Kits were
fabulous!   My younger child
especially liked sprinkling the
cinnamon on top of the acorn
and my older child loved gluing
the apples on the trees, and
learning about apples from the
fact sheet.  They were completely
engrossed during the whole
project and were proud to show
their daddy when he came home
from work.  I definitely
recommend these art kits to
anyone with young children.  It's
a time and energy saver for you
and your kids will love it."

- Amber Rosenberg,
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